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Author Topic: HR 607  (Read 3556 times)
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« on: April 07, 2011, 08:46:28 AM »

Greetings Midwest Division ARRL members

Last week I issued a plea in the ARRL Midwest Division News urging each
of you to write your US Representative concerning proposed legislation.
The bill, HR 607, pending in the US House of Representatives, is a
serious threat to one of our amateur bands.  In its current form, HR
607 would take away the 420-440 MHz segment that is presently allocated
to Amateur Radio on a secondary basis as our 70 cm band. Along with
certain other segments not allocated to Amateur Radio, the 420-440 MHz
segment would become part of a spectrum give back involved in
allocating 758-763 and 788-793 MHz for a Public Safety broadband

The concept of this network has merit. Everyone wants first responders
to have the radio systems they need in order to protect themselves and
us. However, there is absolutely no need to take our 440 MHz band in
making it happen. We need to let our US Representatives know we oppose
the current form of HR 607.

If you have not already sent a letter, we NEED YOUR HELP NOW.  Its
easy to create your personalized letter with a WEB UTILITY WHICH WILL
AUTOMATICALLY GENERATE A LETTER to your US Representative.  Go to  Insert your call sign where
indicated and follow the simple instructions. The name and address of
your US Representative will automatically be put into the letter, as
will your name and address.  It will generate a PDF file that will be
ready for you to print, sign and mail.
- After you have printed the letter, be sure to SIGN it.  Letters
without a handwritten signature are not effective.
- Signed letters can be sent by fax or postal mail.  They can also be
scanned into PDF format and e-mailed as a file attachment to ARRLs
Washington representative. 
Postal Mail: John Chwat, Chwat & Co., Suite 103, 625 Slaters Lane,
Alexandria, VA 22314.
Fax number: (703) 684-7594.
- Do not send this letter or any letter about HR 607 to your US
Senators at this time. The bill is only in the US House of
Representatives. Letters sent on HR 607 to US Senators will merely
waste their time.  We will let you know later if we need to contact US
WHY should the letter be mailed to John Chwat? There are two reasons.
First, all postal mail to members of the US House (and other government
bodies) is delayed for weeks in being searched for hazardous materials
that may be included in them. Second, Mr. Chwat will increase the value
of your individual letter by combining it with others and delivering the
stack of letters directly to your Representative's office. This manner
of delivery makes a particular impact on our Members of Congress.  If
you think its necessary to mail your letter directly to your
Representative, do it.  However, please also send a signed copy of it
to Mr. Chwat for the reasons outlined above.
Thanks for your help and support in this important effort. Please feel
free to share this information with other hams who may not be
subscribed to receive Midwest Division emails or may not be ARRL
members.  We need their help also.  Please let me know if you have any
questions or suggestions.
73,  Cliff K0CA
ARRL Midwest Division Director
PS:  The letter generating utility will be open for use by any US
amateur for at least a couple of weeks.  Thanks to the following for
their efforts in making this Web applet available: Jim Weaver K8JE
Great Lakes Division Director, Rick Haltermon, KD4PYR who developed the
letter generating utility, and Trey Garlough, N5KO who wrote the initial

ARRL Midwest Division
Director: Cliff Ahrens, K0CA

W6 -- JY1 Here is W6ANON -- How did you get such a fancy call sign?
You must have some political pull
JY1 -- It helps when your King!!
Amateur Radio Association of Nebraska

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