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Return of true kit building

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    While I was in Loveland Colorado this past week, I stopped at the new retail store that  DZ Kits has opened.  They have the start to a pretty impressive operation.

    Brian Wood, W0DZ gave me a tour of the facility and gave me a run through of their new Sienna transceiver kit.  It's a very impressive unit and I plan on keeping an eye on it.  They plan on shipping it starting next month with the first unit going to Japan.


    I invited Brian to come out and give us a demonstration some time, he will have to see if it fits into his tight schedule.

    If you miss the Heathkit kit building experience, this is your chance to get your hands dirty again.

    Check out their website at


    I just came ac-crossed this article

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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