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How to use our IRLP Nodes

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    How to get started using the WØWWV IRLP Node

    The Amateur Radio Association of Nebraska now has two operational IRLP nodes.  

    The node at Hastings, NE is on 443.200+ and the node number is 3258.
    The node at Nelson, NE is on 145.600 Mhz. Simplex and the node number is 7438.
    Both are open for general use.

    There are two types of connections with IRLP.  The first is node to node direct.  Each IRLP node has it's own node ID. To connect to a node direct, you enter it's node id.  The second type of connection is to a reflector.  A reflector is a powerful server on the Internet that allow multiple nodes to connect together forming a network of nodes.

    To use the IRLP node follow these instructions

    1. Identify yourself appropriately on the local node (for example: W1AW accessing IRLP) and then enter the node number you wish to connect to with your DTMF keypad on your transmitter (for example: to connect with node number 3007 in Anchorage, AK, you would key your radio then press 3007, then unkey).

    2. You will receive a few seconds of dead-air – do not be concerned, this is normal. When the connection is confirmed the voice ID of the destination node will be transmitted back to you.

    3. Once connected wait at least 15 seconds before transmitting. It is very possible that you may connect in the middle of another conversation already in progress.

    4. Identify your presence on the repeater and attempt to make your contact. Or you may say “This is W1AW calling CQ, is anyone available for a contact”.

    5. When finished talking or if there is no response announce to your call, key up your transmitter and enter 73 on your DTMF keypad to drop the link.

    Remember to always wait for about 2-3 seconds after keying up your transmitter to begin talking when using IRLP. There is a delay and the first part of your transmission will be cutoff otherwise.

    To obtain a list of the IRLP nodes worldwide that are available for contact, please visit:

    For more information about IRLP please visit:

    For questions about The Amateur Radio Association of Nebraska’s IRLP node, please contact us using the contact page or post a message on this forum.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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