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    We had this submitted to the website from WA4MNT:

    —[Dayton, Ohio, Hamvention 2009]—

    With the advent of Solar Cycle 25, many radio clubs, or group of clubs are
    gearing up their community involvement, and youth based radio orientation
    programs. Hendricks QRP Kits <> gained permission
    from Charles Kitchin (N1TEV) to offer his popular regenerative receiver in
    kit form, and is being released at Dayton this year.

    Kitchin's design provides a basic regenerative shortwave receiver capable
    of receiving AM, SSB, and CW signals from 3mHz to 11mHz. The coverage
    enables the listener to hear amateur radio operators in the 80m, 40m bands,
    and foreign AM broadcast stations in the 49m and 31m bands.

    Dan Tayloe (N7VE) adapted his design to a small, self contained, unit that
    is easily assembled with normal low cost tools. It is a basic, easy to
    assemble kit, with all the components supplied. The metal chassis, front
    panel decals, professionally fabricated, silk screened circuit board,
    electronic, and mechanical components are all included.

    Builders are required to supply commonly available earbuds, an
    onboard 9v battery, and some random wire for an antenna. Antenna
    requirements are just a simple wire antenna, thrown up into a tree or tied
    to a structure. The only tools required are an inexpensive 20 watt
    soldering iron, rosin core solder, small side cutters, needle nose pliers,
    small phillips, and straight screwdriver. Complete detailed assembly
    instructions and schematic can be viewed or downloaded from the files
    section of <>.

    This kit would be an excellent Elmer project for any ham radio programs
    targeted at increasing technical interaction with youth programs, schools,
    or attracting newcomers to the hobby.

    Ken – WA4MNT

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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