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Draft of ARAN 2014 focus goals

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    1.  Amateur radio communications to support the National Weather Service during severe weather and other emergencies with SKYWARN net.  Upgrade radio and antenna at NWS; Additional  SKYWARN training in February; Develop Standard Operating Procedures.  Explore Federal funding opportunities.

    2.  NRAN repeaters and antennas.  Address maintenance, power supply backup, and upgrade potentials.

    3.  Conduct training classes for Technician, General, and Extra licensing.  Outreach to members of the area community who wish to develop skills in assisting in emergencies.

    4. Provide the public with information about ARAN and its emergency capabilities utilizing varying communications delivery systems.  Alter web site.

    5. Explore mobile communications format options.

    6. Enhance cooperative endeavors with area amateur radio clubs.

    7. Broaden the opportunities for members' active involvement.



    We talked about this at the last meeting and I agree and the everyone agreed with what KD0RLZ has here.
    I am looking forward to some preliminary meetings we are going to have to start working on these things and also looking forward to discussing this at our upcoming meeting.

    Brad,  KD0JCP

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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