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Building the Sienna Transceiver by DZKIT – Part 3

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    Welcome back for our next installment on building the just released Sienna transceiver kit by DZKIT.  This time we will go through the assembly of the RXBPF and Receiver boards.

    These boards introduce some surface mount components.  The smaller ones are pre-installed by DXkit.  They are too small to be installed manually, but there are 200-300 through the hole components that the kit builder has to install, so you still get the soldering experience on these boards.

    In this picture, you can see the top of the completed RXBPF board.  Circled in red you can see one of the surface mount components.  I am very impressed with the quality of the board construction.  You can also see where the receiver band filters plug in.  These will be installed in a later step.


    In this picture you can see the bottom of the RXBPF board.  Circled in red you can see the one mistake I made.  While soldering in the filter socket pin, I bumped the board and one of the pins flew out onto the floor.  After searching for it for over an hour, I gave up and ordered a new one.


    These are views of the top of the Receiver board.  You can see there are a lot of components on this board including more of the SMC's.  There are still plenty of through the hole components.  You can also see that I did not order the optional Inrad roofing filter.  I plan to add this later.  You can also see circled in red one of the SMC's.


    One thing to watch when assembling this board is that the second wire on T3 really does go over the top of the first wire.


    I have been told by Brian, that I should have installed the two toroids on the end of the board with the windings to the inside of the board.  He said it probably wouldn't be necessary to remove and reinstall them, I haven't determined whether I will do that or not.

    UPDATE 2…

    So it bugged me too much and I decided to fix it.  So here it is.


    Finally here is a shot of the bottom of the Receiver board.


    The next installment will cover the correct placement of a power transistor on the DCD board and the installation of the tuner kit on that board.

    Till next time….


    Allen:  Really good Pix this time……… Looking good……….. 73, Woody, KCØWA

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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