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16 April, 2014. Meeting at 7:00 P.M.

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    16 April, 2014.  Meeting at 7:00 P.M.


    Ok Just got back from the Meeting.  Here are a few points:

    1.  The Ambulance was brought over to look over.  It has been decided to move forward with getting rid of it.  It was running better then it has lately.  We are going to look at purchasing an enclosed trailer to replace it.  The trailer will not be as expensive to maintain.  It doesn't have an engine or transmission to go bad.  It also costs less to license and insure.

    2.  We got an update on the 145.130 machine.  The Transmit board burned up.  Andy will be bringing a loaner Repeater to try.  Mike is going to do some checking on either getting the old one fixed or replacing it with a new one.  Also, he was going to check on funding to do that.  Allen and Brad are going to get some Spectra Motorola radios ready also in case we have to use those for radios and reuse the Cat controller to build a replacement.

    3.  Ron suggested we remove the IRLP node from the 443.200 machine so 443.200 can be constantly linked into the Net.  After discussion it was decided to try and get the Nelson IRLP node back up and then move the one from 443.200 to the Red Cross and set it up on VHF and use one of the spare antenna's at the Red Cross for the node.

    4.  It was decided to let Andy go to the Nelson repeater and move the location of the antenna so it will cover more of Webster County.

    5.  Discussion about fixing the Campbell repeater was had.  We will work on getting the Duplexer installed in the next few weeks.

    6.  We talked about Field Day.  Decided to have a meal of Hamburgers on Saturday Afternoon at 5pm.  Asking eaters to bring a side dish to go with the burgers.  We will continue to work on Field Day plans. 

    7.  We decided to move the Kenwood Radio from the Ambulance to the Weather Service so we have two Identical radios located there.  The current Club radio at the Weather Service will be re-programmed and moved to the Red Cross.

    We covered a lot of ground.  Hopefully I didn't miss anything.  If anyone would like to help with the above items let one of us know.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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